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Looking for an Equity Release Mortgage?

If you are thinking of unlocking a cash lump sum from your home through an Equity Release scheme, make sure you get some professional advice and expertise from Essex Home Finance. Let us help you discuss the important options and considerations of Equity Release, using Plans from a wide choice of specialist Mortgage Lenders.

Our Fees are low, just £695 payable on Offer – no hidden charges or completion fees. We do not charge any appointment fees and our initial consultation is free of charge.

Our Service

We take time to discuss your situation either face to face, or via a telephone consultation, to establish your needs, your future plans, and understand how you would like Equity Release to work for you. Following a review of your needs, we will review the Equity Release market using our knowledge and the latest technology to look at all the available options. Once we have concluded our research, we will look to present our recommendations, taking you through the terms, features and benefits. Giving you time to reflect on our recommendations, once you are ready to proceed, we will look after all the administration and work with yourself and the lender. We only use lenders affiliated with the Equity Release Council, ensuring fair terms, no Negative Equity Guarantee and high standards.

You have spent your working life working hard to repay your home mortgage and afford a lifestyle in retirement. However, few of us have made sufficient plans for an income when we are looking to reduce our work commitments or would simply like to take the opportunity to complete our ‘Bucket’ list!

Equity Release allows you to release money from the Equity in your Home, to top up any Personal or Retirement Income you may have in place, allowing you to afford a better lifestyle.

For example, holidays to far-away destination, or to pursue new hobbies are just some of an number of ways that you can supplement your lifestyle with a tax-free sum from your home.

Major Purchase

As well as those holidays, you may be considering the purchase of a new car? Owning a more reliable car is a popular option, and having enough tax-free cash to pay for the car outright means that you don’t need to worry about any monthly finance costs either.

To Help Family

Giving financial help and support to your family and friends is a very popular request from those interested in Equity Release. You could help children afford their first home or move up the property ladder, with a tax-free lump sum from your own property.

Repaying Debt

It may be that you have borrowed money on credit cards and loans that may become difficult to service each month if your income has reduced, or contemplating retirement. By taking a lump-sum from your home, the use of Equity Release could provide you the ability to repay all your outstanding debt, giving you more financial control and providing more disposable income

Keeping Your Home

Many people assume that when they retire the only option they have is to downsize, or sell their home, to be able release some much needed cash to help towards retirement. But if the home holds a number of family memories where you and your family have lived for a long time, it is not always that easy to sell.

Using Equity Release would allow you to keep your current home, and keep those memories that you shared over the years, whilst releasing a tax-free lump sum of cash. This would avoid the cost of buying and selling a property, and you could use the money for some home improvements if you need to make it more efficient, or adapt it where necessary.

Equity Release
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